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Let's Get Motivated

With the dark nights now upon us, it's normal that we might feel a little unmotivated and lacking in purpose. Forcing yourself onto the turbo trainer or out on a cold, dark wet evening can seem a little bonkers when you have no clear path.

One thing that is on our side is that it looks like the event calendar is not back to normal. So get yourself motivated and excited to make some plans next year. Do something familiar or try something new, just insure that it gets you motivated.

Here is an overview of the types of events that you can motivate yourself with the challenges:

  • Firstly every week there is an event happening with your local cycling club, there is nothing like the friendly vibes of your fellow club-mates to get you on your bike.

  • Sportives are probably the most easy and accessible events you can do. Just research sportives in your area of you can make them into a holiday if you want to travel abroad. Sportives vary in their distance and elevation. As a beginner you find events of around 25 - 30miles going to the toughest like Mallorca 312, which is 312km, which a hell of a lot of climbing.

  • Time Trials are a great way of getting into racing, as it's just you against the clock, no other bikes to worry about getting in the way. Just you and how fast you can go. Look into Time Trails in your local area, expect to complete a series to see how you can improve.

  • If you want to try a season of racing, look at joining a local team that completes in races and test your cycling technique in the peloton with road races and shorter crit races where you complete several laps of a circuit.

  • Take a cycling holiday. There is nothing more motivating than going on holiday, especially when it involves your bike!

To talk with us about achieving your cycling goals through coaching or joining one of our cycling camps Book a Free Discovery Call

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