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Listen to Our Latest Podcast - Investing in New Wheels with Parcours

In the latest episode of our podcast Elspeth is joined by Amy. Some of you may know Amy from our cycling camps. Amy works in marketing for Parcours a UK based wheel company.

Amy talks about how Parcours is a predominantly female company, in which their wheel builder is female. She enjoys the freedom she feels she has in working in this environment.

Amy shares how Parcours have create a more affordable wheel in which has great aerodynamic benefits, so you can go through the air with less drag. Parcours have also become very popular with the triathlete market as wheels can really make a difference to your performance especially on a flat course.

Amy and Elspeth also share how they progressed with upgrades from their bikes since they bought their first road bikes.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE or SPOTIFY

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