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Listen to Our Latest Podcast - Mansplaining!

On our latest episode Elspeth, your host is joined by Charlotte our online cycling and triathlon coach.

Firstly we would like to add we understand that not all men are mensplainer, their are loads of men out there doing a great job at understanding the needs of female cyclists and giving great advise and support, then we have the mensplainers!

Elspeth interprets mensplaining as when a men gets a bit of information, interprets how they like and tries to explain it to a women as fact. Charlotte adds that it's when a man finds some advise or information that works well for them and perhaps through their own insecurities act like the expert to a women who is keen to learn.

Elspeth and Charlotte discuss some common mansplaining facts and debunk the myths and give some more useful advise.

You can listen to the full episode where Charlotte and Elspeth have a laugh over the mensplainers.

You can listen to all our episodes on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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