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Listen to Our Latest Podcast on Overtraining

In the latest episode of the Girls Get Strong Podcast we talk about overtraining. Overtraining can come from not taking rest days, doing too many races and continually making the training harder and harder.

First, Elspeth is joined by GGSC coach Rachel who talks about what a rest day can look like and the importance of really learning to do nothing. She highlights that sometimes we think it's only professional athletes that need to consider time to rest, but as busy professionals it's really important that we find time to recover.

Elspeth discusses with out triathlon specialist coach Charlotte about the importance of being race ready. Many of us when we are not performing well, tend to think it's down to lack of fitness, so we train more and just get more tired. Another possible scenario is that people tend to keep on building for too long. You need to give yourself an 'off season' it's not time off the bike but just time where you are not peaking to perform at your best.

Our bottom line was get a coach When you rest really depends on how you are feeling and what events you have coming up. Your coach has to be a good listener and use their expertise to make sure you are feeling good and prepared for race day.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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