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Listen to Our Latest Podcast - The Benefits of Long Term Coaching

In our latest episode of our podcast Elspeth discusses the benefits of long term coaching with Rachel, one of our online cycling coaches.

Rachel shares her story of how she started out cycling when she had a corporate job, she was over weight and built up her fitness on the bike. She then got a coach to start progressing with road cycling. After a while she discovered her love for mountain biking and now she is a professional mountain biker, competing for Great Britain this year in the World Championships. She kept showing up, even though her goals changed she kept training and following the guidance of a coach, even though she is now one herself.

Rachel describes that within a few months you will start to see progress and build habits. However Elspeth identifies that often when that big change happens then the excitement often dwindles. When you go from 0 to regular cycling you are going to see big changes, but after that it does take longer periods to see more progress, but if you keep focusing year on year you will get stronger each year (even as you age), discover more about yourself and be a more resilient person. In comparison to inconsistency where you are always going back and forth and never really making transformations over the long term, you are just getting older!

Rachel and Elspeth discuss the benefits of building up a great relationship with your coach. We believe it is important in terms of your coach understanding your strengths and weaknesses, how you like to communicate and what motivates you. Your coach should get to know how you like to see progress, for some people it is more about statistics and seeing physical results. We also know some of this information bamboozles some people who prefer to focus on their emotions or completing physical challenges.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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