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Listen to the Latest Episode of our Podcast - Challenge Yourself with Triathlon in 2024 👂

Elspeth, your host will be joined by Charlotte our cycling and also triathlon specific coach. Last week Elspeth spoke with Rachel about different cycling events to get you inspired for the year ahead. Elspeth and Charlotte will be talking about what multi sport events there are, why we would want to do them and some training guidance to help you get to the start line. 

Firstly Charlotte explains the different types of distances there are in triathlon, from super sprint to the Ironman. Many people get started with the short distances and then going to Ironman where it's more about how long you can keep going. Many people also prefer to progress with the shorter events and focus on speed.

The Ironman could be considered the most demanding and also the most well known events. Official Ironman events can sometimes feel quite stressful just for the sheer amount of people. So it can be recommended to do smaller more local events to gain confidence in the water. We know some people really have their goals set on completing an ironman, but Charlotte recommends a year or so of taking part in some of the shorter distances first.

Balancing 3 sports can be a huge challenge especially when you have to fit it around a work schedule, but it can be done and one of the benefits is that if you are injured in 1 sport there is always something that you can train on. There are some benefits of training in a club for the social aspects, but Charlotte suggested that you should balance it with the support of a coach to ensure the training is specific to your goals, it's right for you level and level of time commitment and to ensure you are getting adequate recovery.

Charlotte also explains duathlons and aquathlons and how they can be great events to do and also support in training for a triathlon.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE or SPOTIFY

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