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Listen to the latest Episode of our Podcast - Combining Yoga and Cycling with Debbie Lash

I think as cyclist we all know that yoga could make it better cyclist. But also finding the time and actually experiencing the benefits is a challenge for most. In this episode of the GGSC podcast we hear from Debbie Lash. Debbie has dedicated much of her life to practicing and teaching yoga. Recently since moving to Mallorca she found the passion for cycling.

Debbie talks with us about how since she took up cycling she realises how much time of her life cycling takes up and has had to cut down a bit on her yoga practice. But on a spiritual and fitness level she claims that it is well worth it. Along with yoga she loves the mental place that cycling takes her, being and in the mountains and the self talk that helps her get up there.

As for practicing yoga we all know it can help us with flexibility especially as we age, but also makes up become more present mentally. Debbie recommends practicing regularly a few times a week and finding a great teacher.

Debbie regularly teaches yoga at our cycling camps.

You can listen to the full episode and subscribe to our podcast on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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