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Listen To The Latest Episode of Our Podcast - Fitting Training Around a Busy Lifestyle

In this episode Elspeth is joined by Gill. For the past 6 months Gill has been coached by GGSC Coach Charlotte and has attended one of our Advanced Camps in Mallorca.

Gill has young children and has a demanding job as a surgeon and still manages to train regularly on the bike to take her cycling to the next level. Gill mentions the importance of being disciplined with her time and making it clear to herself and her family of when it's her time to do what she loves. Luckily Gill's husband also cycles, she actually got into it from him, where she would previously be taken out on rides with him having to wait for her. Now it is the other was round.

Throughout the winter Gill has been training indoors at home on her turbo trainer as it's the most efficient on time. She's found a place in the house where it is all set up and ready to go when she needs it. Gill also understands that sometimes she has to miss a training session and does not beat herself up about it as she knows she is making progress. Gill shares how she is quite aware of how her life forms and that work does balance itself out, she budgeted for attending our cycling camp through the overtime she did at work.

It's not all hard work and structured training as Gill loves her time out on the bike. Through her disciplined approach it has given Gill the freedom to just get out and enjoy some wonderful routes and feel fully prepared for our cycling camp when she took on many mountains day after day. Cycling has given Gill the head space she needs and also the social connections she has made through the sport. Gill also manages to bring the family together on holidays where she will out on her road bike and her husband and kids use electric bikes so it's something they can all do together.

Charlotte, Gill's coach also shares with us what is great about coaching Gill, which is the great communication. Gill will always let Charlotte know what she has coming up ahead to allow her to plan Gill's training around her work schedule.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE or SPOTIFY

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