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Listen to the Latest Episode of Our Podcast - Getting Stronger with Indoor Training 👂

In this episode we will be talking about indoor training. Elspeth will be joined by Sue Chittock, Sue has been coached by GGSC for the past 3 years and is quite passionate about sweating it out in her garage. I’m sure by this time of many of us in colder climates are well settled into are indoor schedules, figuring out the frustrations of setting up our trainers or simply just enjoying all weather cycling outdoors.

In this episode we will discuss how training can be hugely beneficial be dedicating that time indoors and what can make it sociable and motivating.

Sue talks about getting her first trainer after she had been a cyclist outdoors for a few years. She invested in a wattbike hub a few months before covid. Luckily she had her trainer already and when covid restrictions hit, cycling indoors was actually the most social way of cycling as you could meet up with other cyclists from all over the world in various virtual networks.

As with many cyclists Sue found it really frustrating to get her training set up initially and recommend spending a fair bit of time getting it sorted and working well. What Sue loves about training indoors is the structure and having something very clear to follow. Sue admits that she uses her trainer all year, but mostly over the winter, and if the weather is bad her club will often schedule their club rides over Zwift to still keep a regular schedule and the social connection over the winter. Sue does admit above everything she actually prefers training indoors than outdoors. However, she has lots of exciting challenges coming up in 2024, such as a 50mile TT in which she has done for the past few years, some Olympic distance triathlons and some off road adventures. Sue believes that the training indoors, where her coach Charlotte provides the structure for her to follow in her sessions.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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