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Listen to the Latest Episode of Our Podcast - Goal Setting with GGSC Coaches Rachel and Elspeth 👂

In this episode of our podcast Elspeth is joined by Coach Rachel and they discuss the hows and whys of setting goals as cyclists.

Firstly Rachel shares her busy season where she had an operation on her wrist in addition to competing in the MTB marathon World Championships, where she reports the crowds were a great motivator for her racing in home ground.

When it comes to goals, firstly it's good to think of the bike goals, for example something that we could aim for in a years time, this could a gran fondo or sportive, getting up a hill faster or attending a GGSC cycling camp.

We can then start to plan our training goals, it's normal to feel overwhelmed by the big goals so that's why it's important to set smaller goals to help us get there. It could be by just getting out on the bike so many times a week, doing some targeted work outs to prepare for this specific event and also doing some reconnaissance can help us prepare physically and mentally.

Unfortunately we can't achieve our goals on a daily basis, if you are working towards that hill PB, then if you test yourself on a weekly basis you will be in for disappointment. Like a big event like a gran fondo, a race of a cycling adventure we need to build up for it and be prepared. The nerves can bring on excitement and knowing we only have one shot at this can give us the best chance of success. Not only in our training, but the practical elements like so it's good to create lists so we are not overcome with nerves and forget something vital.

Elspeth and Rachel also share a little about their own personal experiences of working through their goals of the past year.

Listen to the full episode on APPLE or SPOTIFY

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