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Listen to the latest episode of our Podcast - Planning for a Bike Packing Adventure.

In the latest episode of the Girls Get Strong Cycling podcast Elspeth will be joined by Ioana. Ioana is a chef living in Paris and initially took up cycling as a means of transport and it then transformed into her hobby. Ioana has been coached by Rachel from GGSC for the past 5 months and her goals were build up her fitness to explore her sense of adventure with bike packing. Ioana will be sharing her experience of her first trip to Portugal and how she prepared for her adventure. 

Ioana started cycling in Paris as a way to get around, she found it to be so quick and less stressful compared to taking the Metro. Cycling then grew into her passion and hobby and she started cycling longer distances and taking her bike out on her days off.

Ioana originally from Romania said her first biggest achivement as a cyclist was to cycle to her granparents house in Romania, which was wonderful to enjoy the scenery of her country.

Ionana planned well for her trip in Porugal this year. She did not want to just make the trip about cycling, so she took some days off the bike for rest and to enjoy spending some time the the places she traveled to. Ioana also learned a lot throughout the process, like dealing with the rides taking longer than expected and understanding what to pack in which she shares with us during the interview.

You can listen to the full episode on APPLE and SPOTIFY

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