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Listen to the Latest Episode of Our Podcast 👂 : Sue's Commitment to Getting Stronger

In the latest episode of the Girls Get Strong Cycling Podcast feel inspired to get stronger as you age and overcome your fears of being the last. I will interview Sue, who has been coached by Girls Get Strong Cycling for the past two and a half years.

Sue has taken part in crit races, been the last in TT's and now is continually improving her time in Triathlons at the age of 53. Sue shares with us how she feels that she is still fairly new to cycling and brought her first road bike 6 years ago. She took up cycling after one of her companions in her spinning class suggested that they cycle London to Paris, which I think it a great challenge to get you motivated and into cycling.

Sue took up coaching in lock down. Sue is also part of the Army reserves and they started a zwift racing league. Without having to worry about having to spend time and money traveling to work she decided to dedicate herself to improving on the bike and took the step to get a coach. I found that a big breakthrough with Sue was insuring that she got enough rest.

As well as working full time and cycling, Sue is in the Army Reserves and tells us about how being in a male dominated environment, in which it really was when she started taught her to accept always being the last, whilst still putting yourself forward. There are a lot more women involved now and the cycling team within the army has also helped bring womem more to the forefront.

Sue dabbled a bit with racing in the cycling team with the army when restrictions lifted, but felt she lacked some of the skills involved and much preferred TT's and triathlons, as it's less skill based and more fitness based as the results will show the amount of training she has put in. She likes that she can race against women of a similar age.

As Sue getting older she is getting stronger and believes it's never too late for anyone to start.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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