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Meet Our Coaches - Charlotte

Charlotte is our triathlon specific coach. She has helped athletes achieve at every level, whether it be doing their first triathlon after years of raising a family, breaking personal records after plateauing for several seasons, their first Ironman or Boston Marathon, crushing their first solo 125km ultrarunning race, or learning how to improve their swim technique and conquering their fear of open water swimming.

Coming from Alberta Canada Charlotte as not only completed and coached women in every distance in triathlon, but studied to the highest level of triathlon coach and had had the honour of been chosen to coach Team Triathlon Alberta’s at this year’s Canada Summer Games.

Charlotte's journey to cycling began as a way to stay fit while dealing with a chronic injury from long distance running. She came from a competitive swimming background, so triathlon was a natural fit. She found that the strength that she gained from cycling had a profound effect on staying injury-free once she resumed running, and returned to distance running as a stronger, faster athlete.

Charlotte knows from personal experiences the challenges that come with balancing swimming, biking and running with working and raising a family. But she loves hard work and seeing how a carefully planned training program can help women succeed in what initially appear very ambitious goals. Charlotte learned the hard way and spent years not know what she should be doing and when and how to progress her program to get results. All this whilst she was having to deal with a reoccurring knee injury.

As a self-professed “information junkie” Charlotte began to study about training and how to get faster and stay injury free. She spent almost as much time studying as she did training, which naturally led her to pursue coaching certification. She has been a teacher and leader in various capacities throughout her life as a certified fitness instructor, a dog trainer and swim coach.

Charlottes loves to engage with people that are passionate about achieving their goals. Through her coaching experiences she developed a passion for female athletes and coaches. Becoming more aware of how both are under-represented in sport. There is a need to create more opportunities and growth in women’s cycling and triathlon. By increasing female representation in sport we build a reputation that female sport is exciting, competitive and inclusive.

Charlotte believes that coaches play a vital role in facilitating female participation in cycling and triathlon, through leading by example, and has a mission to encourage more women to become involved, creating space and opportunity for women to recreate and compete in. She believes that this mission will build a community to support and grow female fulfilment within sport. Coaches and athletes alike can come together to raise the profile of female sport and increase the visibility of female athletes and coaches to give us better opportunities.

Charlotte loves her job as coaching is a rewarding opportunity that allows her to engage with recreational and competitive female athletes, and together we not only raise each other up, but also build a stronger presence in sport for future generations of female athletes - our daughters, sisters and friends.

The most rewarding moment for Charlotte as a coach is when she witness a shift in a woman’s mindset that solidifies a belief in herself, and a realization that she is worth the time and effort she is putting in to pursue her passion and grow into a stronger person and athlete.

If you would like find out how Charlotte can help you achieve your goals Book a Free Discovery Call

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