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Meet Our Coaches - Rachel's Story

Rachel is one of our online cycle coaches where she has helped female cyclist complete their first 100km ride, supported women in getting faster at audax, and coached women gain their GB duathlon place. Rachel also works as a guide at our cycling camps, helping women feel confident with their bike skills and to push themselves to achieve more.

Rachel has not always been fit, before working as a cycling coach Rachel was a business analysts to some of the world largest companies. But she found that her health was sacrificed and Rachel was overweight. She knew there was more to life! So Rachel knows what it's like to make that huge change of lifestyle. She has been there and done it and keen to support others that want to do the same. Rachel lost the weight and started road racing and time trialling, then discovered off road was more of her thing and now races internationally in cross-country mountain biking and cyclocross.

Just like many female athletes she has faced a lot of challenges on the way, such as lack of opportunities. What has got her to where she is, is through believing in her own motto 'Just keep showing up' and the belief that no matter who you are; as long as you keep showing up, you’ll improve as an athlete and achieve your goals, and she brings this to her coaching too.

In a post-pandemic world, one major challenge Rachel has seen for female athletes is the lack of clubs and groups that are truly female friendly. She feels that there is a lack of female riders accessing group rides and this manifests in nervousness at racing, as riders aren’t as accustomed to riding close together and trusting each other.

Rachel uses her understanding of the female athlete to address the number of challenges as a female bike racer, none bigger than the eternal battle of power to weight, and this isn’t just tied up with our training, it encompasses every element of our beings from health to psychology. Rachel has personally been through these struggles and puts her in a unique position to help other female cyclists be the best versions of themselves, without sacrificing their health and well-being.

Rachel has a very extensive list of qualifications from British Cycling and as an elite level racer and a coach, Rachel loves to share her personal knowledge and learning to help others achieve their goals.

Rachel hopes for more opportunities in every area of female cycling, from inclusive group rides to more women on the start line in races and everything in between. But some of it has to start with each and every one of us to overcoming the imposter in us and 'Keep Show Up!'

Rachel's biggest achievement as a coach is to see her athlete 's achieve their goals! From riding their first 100km to international races, helping everyone achieve their goals is her favourite part of her job.

To find out how Rachel can help you achieve your goals. Book a Free Discovery Call

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