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Meet Our Team - Amy

Amy works as one of the guides for our cycling camps and also helps onboard new members for online cycle coaching. She finds her roles at GGSC very rewarding as she enjoys meeting and riding with likeminded women who are all passionate about the same sport. She loves seeing riders' improvements and achievements throughout a week of cycling at the camps is an amazing feeling!

Amy got into cycling in 2016 when she embarked on a challenge with her mum and I rode from Lands' End to John O Groats with a group of people for charity. She had the best time and completely caught the bug so when she returned wanted to develop my riding further and do more! She was very proud of the achievement and definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. I learnt so much about cycling and also met some fantastic people who I still keep in close contact with today. She eventually found a women’s community in London called ‘Queen of the Mountains’ who rode in Regents Park each week. She then decided to go on their ‘Introduction to the mountains’ weekend in France. From there she hasn't looked back. For her mum also, as they have completed more long rides together. For Amy, she also started racing for Team LDN, she is also very proud of some of my racing results, especially coming top 10 in the National Circuit TT champs in 2021!

Amy understands the importance of community within cycling as she struggled to find a group that she felt comfortable in for quite a few months. Once she had found one, she felt a complete transformation in her enjoyment for the sport and confidence so definitely appreciate how important it is to find a good community like GGSC.

Amy believes that women’s cycling is still developing and there are improvements all the time. She can certainly see that even in the short amount of time that she have been involved, such as more opportunities for women to learn to be better cyclist and connect with other women. There are of course still challenges and there is a lot that still needs to be done to bring it on a par with men. She thinks that it is important to offer inclusive and friendly environments where people feel safe and supported. Representation by brands and on television are also things that can make big positive steps for women’s cycling.

Amy knows that there are so many positive aspects to cycling for women, both physically and mentally. Cycling with a group of likeminded people is the best feeling and she thinks it leaves us feeling amazing! The community aspect of cycling is one of the biggest positive aspects for her but thinks that cycling also brings a sense of freedom as you can ride so far and to some incredible places.

Amy loves being a part of the GGSC community. In her role as a guide, I enjoy having a direct impact on the confidence and ability of riders. Seeing them improve throughout the week is great! She also love hearing about people who have signed up for coaching and how it has improved their cycling, so being a part of that initial step of their journey is very rewarding.

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