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New Podcast Episode - Susie's First Season of Racing

In our latest episode of the Girls Get Strong Cycling Podcast we will hear from Susie. Susie has been getting coaching from GGSC for the past 1.5 years. She initially started coaching as she wanted to train to her greatest advantage and would benefit from structured training and the knowledge of a coach.

Susie came to cycling as a runner, her first biggest challenge was her first 13mile ride where she admits she had no idea on how to change the gears. She has come a long way in the time she has been a cyclist and loves the sense of belonging to a group that her cycling club brings to her.

This year Susie entered her first road race. On her first race she was at the start line with apprehension and the feeling that she did not belong there and was out of her depth. She was worried about her age as she was starting with girls as young as 16, looking pro warming up on rollers. But as soon as she set off she knew she could do it as she felt that the training had prepared her for the race and the sprint finish was exhilarating for her. I am sure reading this that you would be surprised to know that Susie is 57 years old. Susie claimed that the encouragement from coaching has helped her to take the first step and through the season she has learned to relax and enjoy the race whilst building confidence in every race.

Susie fits her training around her full time job, often getting up at 5am, to get her session in before work. She is lucky that she can set up a trainer at her work and actually finds cycling in all weathers energising.

Susie shares how she finds recovery in her 50's and thinks that the more she does the more energy she has and actually looks and feels better than she did in her 30's. She has noticed that as she ages she is less flexible and try's to fit in yoga whenever she can.

Thanks Susie for being such an inspiration!

Listen to the full episode here:

You can listen to the full episode on Apple and Spotify along with more stories from inspiring female cyclists.

If you are interested in training to your greatest advantage Book a Free Discovery Call to find out how coaching can help you.

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