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Our Why?

Girls Get Strong Cycling have a mission to help women all around the world get stronger on their bikes!


Well, women love cycling! Women want to get stronger at climbing hills. Women want to learn how to look after their bikes, women want to know about technology, women want to feel confident in lycra, women want time for themselves to explore the outdoors on their bikes.

Girls Get Strong Cycling are here to support women to spend time on their bikes, take on new challenges, get faster, experience more, whilst gaining confidence on and off their bikes.

Why do we only train women?

If you had not noticed cycling is a male dominated sport. But why should it be. There are plenty of women out there that love their bikes, wear lycra and are working out how they can fit their cycling into their schedules. They are showing the commitment to want to get better.

We found that creating an all women community we can talk openly free from judgements, to focus on training women to reach their full potential and get what they want out of their time on the bike.

We don’t believe that women should feel uncomfortable with cycling alongside men, but should feel confident and accepted in any cycling community. So watch out there is a bunch of Strong Girls coming up over that hill!

Book a free online intro session and find out how we can help you become a stronger cyclist

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