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Overcoming Adversity within Cycling

Talking with my clients from Girls Get Strong Cycling you would never know of the male dominated perceptions that comes with cycling.

In the media we see:

  • Men competing in cycling

On the road we have to listen to:

  • Men giving us unrealistic advice of how much power we should be pushing

In a race:

  • There are few females to compete with

So building a community of female cyclists is great. We are all committed to getting faster. We all want to learn how to get there. We are all willing to work hard to get there. We are all willing to put the time to get there. We are willing to go out in the cold. We are willing to sweat it out on our turbo trainers. We must really love our bikes, as it this all for a sport that under values female cyclists. At Girls Get Strong Cycling we value all female cyclists that are willing to demonstrate their passion to the sport.

And here's another reason we are defying adversity right now. We are keeping positive during a pandemic.

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