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Overcoming Race Nerves

Feeling nervous or anxious before a race is normal. It is a positive sign that you are challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. These feelings of anxiety before a race or event can be defined as "pre-race arousal". If you were to turn up to a race feeling like it was just any other day you probably would not push yourself to do your best. So feeling focused and a little worried is normal and help you to exceed what you thought was possible for race day.

However, at times our nerves can get the best of us and cause negative thinking, feeling disorganised and impact our ability to focus.

Here are some tips to overcome your race nerves and get to the start line with confidence:

  • Research the course and even do a test run if possible.

  • Have a set pre race routine. For example always eat the same thing if you know it's something that works for you. This can eliminate some of your worries worries.

  • Research how to get to the race and ensure that you give yourself enough time.

  • Lay all your kit out the night before, so you are ready to go.

  • Have your race nutrition strategy planned.

  • Test your bike out to ensure there are no problems a few days before the race

  • If you forget anything, it doesn't matter. Really all you need is your bike and yourself.

Above all get on the start line with a positive mindset. Remind yourself how much you have worked for this and all you can do is your best... and do just that.

If you want to talk with me about becoming a stronger cyclist physically and mentally Book a Free Discovery Call.

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