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Overcoming Your Fear of Failure

The biggest reason that many of us do not achieve our goals is not because we are not good enough or incapable. It is because we have a fear of failing. It is something that I expect we have all experienced to some degree at some point in our lives. It’s the successful people that manage to overcome these beliefs. With fears of failure our mind will already have decided we will fail and not be willing to put the work in to overcome the challenges that lie in the path to success.

Look out for the signs of fear of failure

  • You are worrying about feeling embarrassed what others think if you get it wrong

  • Worry that you will put in all the effort and not get the results you want

  • Worry that people will judge you if you don't get it right

  • You procrastinate and avoid engaging with anything that might lead to success

  • You are critical of others that have experienced the success that you desire

  • Feeling anxious, bored and stuck what to do

Overcoming your Fear of Failure

Once you start to address your fear of failing you can start working towards your goals and bring yourself out of a negative cycle.

  • Trust that the things you are doing will give you the benefits in the future. We are often very much focused on short term rewards such as fad diets that can bring sabotage to our development when they fail in the long term.

  • Have patience and practice positive affirmations telling yourself how you want your success to look like.

  • Don’t get frustrated that you are not ‘there yet’ or if things don’t go exactly to plan

  • Always celebrate the small things and on how far you have come on your journey

  • Do something that scares you

  • Ultimately you need to believe in yourself. Celebrate your achievements and have the drive to succeed

If you would like to support in overcoming your fears take your first step on your journey as a better cyclist book a free discovery call.

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