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Pros and Cons on Group Riding

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Group riding is a great way to meet new cyclists and turn your passion into a social activity. But don’t feel pressured that you are expected to ride with a group. There are also benefits to riding alone.


  • You will meet lots of cyclists that you can share your passion with.

  • Usually you will have a cake stop.

  • You will learn to draft once, once you do you will ride faster in a group.

  • If you ride with cyclists that are faster than you then it will push you to ride faster.

  • It can motivate you and bring out your competitive side.

  • You can learn from others.

  • You can inspire others.

  • You can feel a sense of belonging within the cycling community.

  • You will be introduced to new routes.

  • It can help build your confidence.

  • It will help you cycle through the winter.


  • We can get caught up with our regular group rides and sometimes we forget to listen to our bodies when they need time to recover.

  • Be careful not to get caught up with comparing yourself to others.

  • Group rides are a great source of motivation, but if you learn to train alone or with the help of a coach you can push yourself harder on training that is specific to your goals.

  • It can often lead to overtraining, so opt out if you feel you need to recover.

  • Cycling solo can give you time to reflect or meditate.

As a cyclist I would recommend that you join a club or attend a group to ride at some point. It will give you the community and support of other cyclists, even if you don’t want to ride with them all of the time.

If you work on being present with your personal goals and your recovery, you can work out when it’s best to say no and do what is best for you.

Share in the comments if you are a group rider, like to ride alone, or have a good balance of both.

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