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Reflect on Your Summer in Cycling!

With the summer almost coming to an end. It's a great time to reflect of what went well this year in cycling and what can make us even better cyclists for the future. What is great about so many of the women connected with GGSC is that we are women that are passionate about learning and improving as cyclists.

Summer is where there are most events and races, we probably get out with friends more often. Whilst during the winter we can get our head down and train so we can come out stronger cyclists come spring.

Why is reflection as a cyclist important?

Reflection can help us remember positive experiences.

Maybe we once hated climbing, but we began to like it as we realised that we could get up the hills we dreaded. Now we know overcoming barriers and getting out and achieving things brings us a positive experience and we hopefully be willing to work harder in more situations to come out with success and rewarding emotions.

Other positive experiences could include getting out and enjoying times with friends, in the future this could give us the the motivation to get out and make the effort to organise your cycling with others more.

Perhaps we did and event, race or a trip that gave an unforgettable experience. What did you love about it the sense of achievement, the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the learning experience? This can give us now goals to propel ourselves to improve and partake in other events.

We can reflect on perhaps what did not go to plan

We all know things don't anyways go to plan. At times it can feel devastating. It is good to look back and think what we could have done differently. Often it could be a ride gone bad from not fuelling well. From this we can take action for the future, seek out help and advise and learn to put a fuelling strategy in place.

At times something a little more serious can happen such as an accident or injury. We really just have to focus on our passion for cycling and what we can do, not what we can't. We can even use the time to great use through reflecting on what we love about cycling.

It helps us shape our goals for the future

Above all reflection can help us shape our goals. We can learn more about ourselves as cyclists and the direction we want to go. Without setting goals, often we stay the same. Without having a path to follow our goals, again we often will stay the same.

We can use the winter months to train and have the create motivation via visualisation of our goals. Therefore having the time to reflect on where we want to go, is a huge driving force to being the best cyclist you can be.

If you are interested in coaching with us, we always start with a free discovery call to help you gain clarity in how you can become the best cyclist you can be. Book your Free Discovery Call

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