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Set your goals now, for the cyclist you want to be!

This year we can celebrate that events actually happened. But due to the pandemic we did not manage to plan for them as we would have liked or we differed our place to another year.

With restrictions easing and travel becoming a lot simpler, hopefully we can plan better for next year. So now is the time to start thinking about what we would like to achieve for the year ahead.

The 3 year plan

As a starting point it's good for set really big goals for 3 years ahead. For these goals don't be scared to think big. With 3 years of solid focus it's amazing what you can achieve. The only way you would be failing yourself is by not even trying. I'm sure even if you got half way there you would be happy. Example of goals could be to get to the top of your age category, join a team at a certain level. People don't achieve amazing things through settling for mediocre goals.

Yearly Targets

It's good to set yourself yearly targets, what things can you be doing that are going to make a really big difference to your development as a cyclist. It could be entering certain events and gaining as much experience as possible.

90 Day Reviews

Your 90 day reviews need to include actionable steps to help keep you moving forward. If there are certain elements that are lacking within your training, then they need to be set straight. Theses are the things that you should be working on NOW that could have a big impact who you want to be. You may want to feel confident with certain equipment or fine tune your routine.

NOTE: Be patient, it does take time. Don't settle for easier paths that may in fact distract you from where you want to be.

Why have goals?

You don't need to be a pro to have goals, life would feel boring without them

Remember, think of everything as a process. Don't get hung up on individual investments of possible results of failure. Personally I will often give up a whole weekend to attend a race which results in a DNF, it's really frustrating. But I just have to learn from it and look at the bigger picture, I know that DNF's eventually result in finishes and also having the privilege to learn from the best.

To talk with me about creating a path to be the cyclist you want to be Book a Free Coaching Discovery Call

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