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Setting Goals Makes You Strong!

Whether you are a full time athlete or just starting out in cycling, goals are going to help you progress as a cyclist and in life!

Goals can help us truly define who we are in life

Goals help us to do something for ourselves

Goals help us become stronger women

Goals give us some accountability to set the path in which we want to follow

For many of us achieving our personal goals is a great way to feel strong and powerful. It may sound obvious but many of us fail to set ourselves small realistic goals and focus on the frustrations that come with not achieving our end goal. We have to enjoy the process.

Goals are great as they can give you a clear roadmap to follow, they hold us accountable to committing to achieve what we really want in life, even if we fail!

Enjoy the Process

In cycling we can set ourselves goals to cycle further and faster and more miles each month. Numbers are great as they are very measurable. The mistake we often will make is feel frustrated we are not doing as much as others, maybe you have not completed that 100mile ride yet, you are not getting faster on the hills. Be patient and ensure you are always present with the process and that everything you are doing is helping you work towards that goal.

Ensure your Goals are Personal to You

Remind yourself why you are doing this. What emotions are you feeling when you think about achieving it? Goals should make you feel motivated, help give you clarity, the sense of a challenge and help you with committing to the cause. The hardest part for many is reinforcing that the cause is yourself!

Celebrate the Small Things

Another thing we often forget about is, to celebrate all the small victories along the way. See them as a checklist. For example set yourself a weekly cycling distance or time goals, get out 3x a week, cycle for 50km or cycle up that hill you always avoid, get up before work for a ride. Check them off and remind yourself that everything you are doing will work towards making you a stronger cyclist!

Goals are great to make us feel motivated, purposeful, alive and help us get stuff done!

What goals have you set yourself in 2023?

To talk with one of our team about how online coaching can help with your cycling goals book a free discovery call.

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