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So You Thought it Would be Easy?

Often we are fed the misconceptions that to become a great cyclist it’s easy. We can be led to think that if we follow our passions we excel. We look at the professional cyclist and they make it look easy, they must be naturally talented. We look at our friends we ride with and get frustrated they are better and more passionate than us. Talent and passions are one thing, but really making improvements to ourselves is another.

I recall a quote from a book by R.D. Laing titled ‘conversations with children’ which read.

“The things that you find difficult if you keep on practicing them, they then become not difficult anymore”

Sometime as adults we forget that we still need to develop our learning and commit to transforming ourselves to excel. But why should we not give ourselves the opportunities to improve ourselves as adults.

For me just knowing something is going to be difficult and success does not only lie in the hands of the fortunate gives me the motivation to do the necessary hard work to work towards where I want to be.

Don’t listen to your excuses!

What stands in the way of who you are today and who you want to be is your own resistance. You can make all the excuses in the world not to get out on your bike and take on challenges. Don’t listen to them, have the confidence to work hard and achieve what you thought was once not possible. We just get more robust and used to working harder.

Share in the comments what you once found difficult and with the right practice is now easy

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