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Start the New Year With Confidence

With the New Year comes new year resolutions, a new start, a clean slate and a chance to do what we didn't get round to doing in the previous year.

All this sounds good and does give us the push up the backside to do something new. But we also always know that most new year resolutions are forgotten about by mid February and we slip back into old habits.

I'm sure many of us are away that as women we tend to be the worst critics of ourselves. How about starting the year feeling confident in what we achieved in 2022.

Don't focus on all the times that you have not been able to get out on your bike, but remember all the great time you have had on your bike this year.

Don't focus on the hills you want to get faster at, but focus on all the hills you have climbed.

Don't focus on how things have not gone to plan, but congratulate yourself from having to deal with a difficult situation and how it has helped you build resilience.

Another year, means a year older, but a year wiser.

Mindset is key, just spare a thought for all the great time you have had on the bike this year!

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