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Staying Focused Through the Winter

I speak with a lot of women that get frustrated that every year they drop off their training during winter, loose a lot of fitness and have to building up in the spring again, only to repeat year after year. Imagine if you kept training all year and build on your fitness year after year?

Here are a few strategies to help motivate you.

  • Book a holiday and set yourself a challenge so you have something to focus on and motivate yourself to train for over the winter months. We have cycling camps in Mallorca over the winter months, so you can escape to a bit of sunshine. Many of the ladies signed up see it as a way to motivate themselves to cycle more at home also in preparation.

  • Make a plan to train indoors. We can all have some great intentions to complete our training outdoors, but when it comes to it, the weather can get in the way and before you know if half of the winter is gone and we might as well wait for the fair weather to come. So be realistic and make life easier for yourself and plan for the worst.

  • Get a coach. A coach is not just there to write a plan. A good coach will motivate you, adapt the training to your lifestyle and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

  • It is good to get outdoors and enjoy the freedom, so stock up on winter kit so you are prepared. If you leave it, it's harder to get back.

To talk with me about your cycling goals. Book a Free Discovery Call

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