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Strength is a State of Mind

At GGSC, we want to prove that women can be strong. However, being strong is not about being the fastest cyclist, being the first one up the hill. Strength needs to come from within.

Being strong is about:

  • Having the strength to get out your comfort zone

  • Taking on new challenges

  • Achieving things that you once thought were impossible

  • Believing in yourself when no one else will

  • Not becoming a victim and listening to self doubt

  • Learning new skills

  • Building your community

  • Being disciplined

  • Supporting others when they need it

  • Training Hard

  • Knowing when to rest

What's great about cycling is that it can give us a way to channel our strengths and show they we can be strong 💪

If you want to get out your comfort zone and achieve more in 2024, book a free discovery call to find out about our cycling camps and our online coaching.

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