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Sue's Client Success Story

Today I havethe pleasure to share Sue's success story of being a strong female cyclist.

Sue has been coached by Elspeth at Girls Get Strong Cycling for 3 months now. Sue races in the Army league. I think that it is great that Sue remained positive through having her races cancelled and saw the opportunity to challenge herself with a new format for her.... Zwift. Sue is in her 50’s and also races in TT’s and also shares time cycling with friends.

I asked Sue what brought her to Girls Get Strong Cycling?

“I like the ethos that women do better when they support each other, when they are together. I believe that I can become a stronger woman through the support of other women. I love the culture that girls can get stronger at cycling rather than just cycle.”

What positive changes have you achieved in the past year?

“The change between me now and a year ago is one of resilience and robustness, both physically and mentally. I think that the two are linked. I think as you get stronger physically, you also get stronger mentally and one feeds the other. I think that it has been the biggest change for me.”

What has been your biggest achievement in the past 3 months?

“Considering I have been training in my spare room for 3 months because of lockdown, my biggest achievement has been to start racing on Zwift, which I had never even heard of a few months ago.

It has been a huge achievement to have the opportunity to race on Zwift, to see the improvements and pitch myself against some really strong riders in the league. It has been incredible and very gratifying to go from zero to hero in such a short amount of time. It is quite unusual to make these kinds of gains that I have in 3 months.”

If you could speak to Sue one year ago what would you say?

“Girl you can get strong!”

Thanks Sue, with this attitude I can’t wait to see what next season will hold.

Share in the comments your biggest cycling achievements.

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