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The Benefits of Clipless Pedals

Updated: Feb 15

Firstly, I am going to clear any confusion here. Clipless pedals of cleats and cycling shoes. They get their name as previously cyclist would use pedals that have clips to keep their toes secure. It's confusing as with clipless pedals you need to clip in and out!

The transition from flat pedals and shoes can be a challenge and feel quite daunting. But the benefits to overcoming your fears are huge.

Your feet will feel secure

There will be no more sliding around on your pedals as you cycle.

You can get more power into the pedals

Not only because of the hard sole, but also as you can produce power in the upstroke of the movement. They will make you a more efficient cyclist.

They are safer than riding with toe clips

Once you gain confidence with clipless pedals, you will be able to remove your foot from the pedal more quickly to avoid danger.

They will be more comfortable for the weather

Compared with your average trainer, your feet will be better protected for the ride.

Getting to grips with clipless pedals does take time, patience and perhaps a few falls along the way. Read my post on getting started with cycling shoes for more guidance.

Share in the comments, how have clipless pedals benefited you?

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