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The Benefits of Stretching for Cyclists

Myself included, as cyclists we can often neglect stretching and can become quite inflexible, which can lead to discomfort on and off the bike.

We all know we should stretch, so here are some benefits to help motivate you.

When you cycle your hamstring muscles, your calf muscles and your hips do tend to tighten, which can bring on back pain and knee pain during your ride and also can affect you off the bike.

I would recommend stretching at least 2 x a week to achieve the following benefits.

  • By lengthening your hamstrings you can avoid back pain and also knee pain.

  • Your muscles will not feel so sore after you train.

  • You will be able to get into a better aero position on the bike.

  • You will be able to have a more effective pedal stroke.

  • You will be able to get on and off your bike more easily.

  • You will have better ability to descend.

  • You will have better balance on your bike.

Look out for future posts where I will share stretches to help you become a more flexible cyclist.

Book a free discovery call to improve your cycling performance.

Share in the comments, how has improving your flexibility helped you as a cyclist?

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1 Comment

Thies stretches was well needed for my body. I enjoyed the wall candle but did not get the hang of the first stretch.

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