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The GGSC Podcast is Here!

We are really excited to announce that we have launched the GGSC Podcast.

The podcast is a place for female cyclists to share their inspiring stories and build their knowledge to become stronger female cyclists!

Why we created a Podcast

We have started a podcast as through our cycling camp and from coaching women we meet so many female cyclists that do inspiring things, take great courage from their love of cycling and have some great stories to tell through their journey's as cyclists.

What we hope to share

Through our podcast we hope to share all the amazing things that female cyclist are doing all over the globe, whether it be taking on cycling for the first time to years of experience on the bike. We hope to share the personal stories of these women to show that cycling is a women's sport and the positive outcomes that come from it.

We will also connect with industry experts who will share their knowledge on how cycling can help female cyclists.

In our first episode you will hear from me, Elspeth the founder of GGSC on how it all started. I hope that you enjoy listening as much a we did making the podcast.


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