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The Importance of Warming Up

Updated: May 6

For we are eager to get out on our bikes and go as fast as we can from go! However a gentle warm up is important for many reasons and can give us the potential to perform better whilst on our ride.

How to warm up

As you start your ride whether indoors or outdoors always start slowly, don't push hard on the pedals and don't be afraid to ride slower than you usually would. Your warm up should be around 20mins.

Why Should You Warm Up

When you are warming up you are preparing your body for exercise and preparing it from a relaxed state to one that is willing to work hard. So with a good warm up you may find that you go faster overall for your ride.

  • By warming you will improve your blood flow to your muscles. and opens up blood capillaries. Your blood carries the oxygen needed for your muscles to function, so increasing your blood flow is one of the best things you can do to set your muscles up for a workout.

  • Through warming up, oxygen is released from your blood more readily, and at higher temperatures. Your muscles demand higher amounts of oxygen while exercising, by warming up you are making oxygen more available.

  • Warming up with at a gentle raises your body temperature, which in turn, improves your nerve transmission and muscle metabolism. The end result? Your muscles will perform faster and more efficiently, so you have the potential to go faster.

  • By Warming you are helping to prevent injuries by loosening your joints, and improving blood flow to your muscles — making your muscles less likely to rip, tear, or twist in a harmful way during your workout.

  • Warming up can help you become mentally prepared too in that your brain will become focused on your body and your physical activity as you go through the process. This focus will carry over into your training session to help you to improve your technique, coordination, and skill.

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