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The Pros and Cons of Training on a Turbo Trainer

With the winter months approaching us you may have noticed it's getting harder to get out on your bike as much as you would like. Indoor trainers or turbo trainers are becoming ever more popular.In addition, the development of Interactive programmes like Zwift is making indoor training even more appealing.

The Pros of Training on a Turbo Trainer

  • The most obvious to many is the weather. You can ensure you get your training in whatever the weather.

  • It’s time effective, if you can leave your trainer set up you can just jump on. You will need less kit to worry about as you don’t have to prepare yourself for the weather.

  • You won’t get helmet hair.

  • You don’t have to worry about it getting dark

  • Using software such as Zwift you can cycle with anyone around the world and catch up with and compete with friends.

  • You can catch up on podcasts and Netflix whilst you ride.

  • You can have your snacks right next to you.

  • You don’t have to worry about traffic.

  • You can practice using cleats.

  • You can complete structured workouts with less distractions.

  • Many turbo trainers come with a power meter, so training can be more accurate.

The Cons of Training on a Turbo Trainer

  • You don’t get to experience the outdoors.

  • You don’t get to ride with actual people.

  • You do need a little more motivation.

  • It’s best used with structured training rather than just going out for a ride.

Look out for my future posts on the features and different options of turbo trainers.

Share in the comments the biggest benefit you would find from training indoors.

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