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The Strongest Train the Longest!

Some people have natural talent, but for anyone to be the best we want to be we need to work at it. If you want to be the strongest cyclist you can you need to work at it and those that are successful will put years into the process.

Trust the process

  • In order to be successful you will need to feel like a beginner who has no idea what you are doing

  • You will need to fail at something time over, but you won't see it as a failure as you will have learned something from it.

  • You won't get PB's every time, it may take years of hard grind to notice the difference.

  • Some days you will feel less motivated than others.

  • Somedays you will be slower than ever, but train for longer and more days you will be faster.

  • Somedays you may want to give up.

  • Somedays you will feel amazing.

Don't give up and trust the process and remember regardless of natural talent the ones that are the strongest have been training the longest!

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