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To Hire or Not to Hire

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

More and more of us becoming more adventurous and traveling to visit new places to explore or challenge ourselves by bike. Once we have decided on the destination, the next big question that always comes up is should I hire at bike at your or should I bring my own? Both options come with their benefits and also certain risks and a lot comes down to your own preference. Here are a few things to consider.

Bringing your own bike

It's quite normal to feel very attached to your bike and feel you want to take it on holiday to enjoy the adventure with you. You know you will be familiar with your bike and if you are traveling for a few weeks or more will probably work out cheaper, especially if you regularly travel with your bike, but you will need to factor in the cost of your bike box.

Airlines usually charge about €40 - 60 each way to transport your bike and you will need to transport it in a bike bag or bike box to protect it. We recommend Scicon Bike Boxes and Bike Bags. You will also need to pack up your bike carefully, the scion bike bag is very simple and with the bike box, your bike will be a little more secure. Don't be temped to put all your luggage in the bike box, keep it as light as possible, so the airlines will take better care of it.

There are certain risks involved in traveling with your own bike, such as damage to your bike during the flight and possible delays in transit which is more common with connecting flights. So make sure that your travel insurance or bike insurance will cover you for anything that could happen to your bike whist away. If anything does happen such as delays or damage the airline is legally required to compensate you. It's not always a simple process but it's worth pursuing.

Hiring a Bike

Hiring a bike can be a great opportunity to try something new and take away the hassle of packing your own bike up and transporting it to the airport. Most popular cycling destinations will have tons of places to hire a bike. We recommend that bring your own pedals and saddle as you don't want to be suffering with an uncomfortable saddle for your holiday and of course your own cycle shoes and helmet.

If you have had a bike fit or are aware of the dimensions of your bike, share it with the hire company and they should be able to advise you on the correct size and adjust the bike the best they can, ready for you to ride.

Insurance is also something to consider, as your bike hire in most likely not included with your travel insurance. So check with the hire company who would usually have an option to be covered should you cause any damage to the bike.

Other than that the main risk with hiring a bike is that you love it so much and go home wanting to purchase a new bike.

My personal recommendation would be if you can hire, do so. I really doing enjoy the hassle and risk involved with traveling with a bike.

If you could like to enjoy a cycling holiday with like minded women, where everything is taken care of for you. We would love to see you on one of our cycling camps in Mallorca.

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