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Trust the Process

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

How many times are we focused on that one main goal, getting to a certain speed, finishing an event or climbing a hill in a certain time. How often do we look at the professionals in the media in awe at what they achieve when they win races and are up on the podium.

How about we spare a thought for all the failures it takes to get there. How about consider all those moments that we are frustrated that we are the last one up the climb. How many times does it take to do that climb until we are no longer the last? It could be 10's or even 100's. I can share a secret, that the most successful people are the ones that have made the most mistakes and failed the most. But they keep trying and keep focused on the process. They don't give up.

Personally I have been racing on the bike for the last 2 years. In that time I have finished very few races. In fact in road races only 1. So, why do I do it? So I could learn from the best, to give me the hope and motivation to know I could get better and also to accept failure. Through the process of training for these races I am not at a great place where I can be part of the competition. At many times the frustration I felt was overwhelming, but I trusted the process and I did not give up!

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