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Understanding the Different Levels for Our Cycling Camps

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

We feel proud to be able to offer different levels for our cycling camps. There is nothing worse than bunching women together, just because we are women, and you are the one stuck at the back or you just don't feel challenged enough.

We offer intermediate and advanced level camps. Our intermediate camps are the most popular and many women join our intermediate camps initially and return for our advanced camps or back on an intermediate camp. If you are unsure we recommend that you come to an intermediate camp first before embracing our advanced camps.

We believe a lot of what you can achieve can be attributed to mindset. With a few months of dedicated training even someone reasonably new to cycling can be ready to attend our camps. You just have to really want it! We can help anyone beginner to advanced prepare for our camps with Online Cycle Coaching.

We have women of all ages coming to the camps and I don't think that we could in anyway divide the groups by age. It's very inspiring to see that some of the oldest ladies at the camps are some of the strongest 💪

Intermediate Camps

What does the week look like

During the week we will cover about 400km over 5 days of riding (you get a rest day in the middle). The longest ride that we will do will be 100km with around 1500m of climbing. The other days will be between 60 - 80km with little bit of climbing each day.

Who is it suited to

So much of this is about mindset. We have had women on the camp who only took up cycling within the last year and you would not have known it. So we say if you have completed rides of up to 80km before the camp then you should be well prepared. Many women get worried that they have not gone cycling on consecutive days before, but it's never been an issue, remember you don't have to worry about going to work, cooking, cleaning, looking after the family for example. You just need to get up and cycle each day, we take care of the rest.

We do have a range of abilities at the camps, but we are able to split the groups into 2 or 3 so everyone is suitably challenged and supportive to get what they want from the camp.

What skills will you develop during the week

By the end of the week you should feel confident with riding with a group and feel the benefits of drafting. Ladies at the camp tend to go home more confident descenders. You should understand your gearing better. Many ladies who actively fear and avoid hills go home with a new found enjoyment for climbing.

Advanced Camps

What does the week look like

The distance we cover may not be significantly longer than our intermediate camps, we will cover between 400 - 500km during the week. However, we will do a lot more climbing, by taking on some of Mallorca's most famous climbs such as Sa Calobra and Puig Major. Many of the days will be 4-6 hours in the saddle.

Who is it suited to

Again, mindset is key. The advanced camp requires years of passion as a cyclist and cannot be trained for in a few months. You will relish in a challenge and not find committing to cycling regularly a struggle as it is your passion.

  • You will have a minimum of 3 years dedication to cycling a few times a week.

  • You will regularly ride and feel comfortable with completing distances of 100km/60miles within 3.5 to 4 hours or less.

  • Relish in the challenge of a climb

  • Have experience with descending and group riding

What skills will you develop during the week

By the end of the week should feel like you have achieved an amazing week in the saddle. You should have felt challenged by learning to push yourself on the climbs among other strong women. We will push you to complete the routes in a certain time.

For all our camps we want you to feel energised all the way to the end of the week, so we pace the rides and allow you to focus and push yourself each day.

To find out a little more about our camps Book a Free Discovery Call.

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