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Upgrades For Your Bike

Updated: Feb 15

Cycling can become an obsession, it also can be confusing with endless gadgets and upgrades that you can purchase. I have narrowed down and selected a few useful items.

Your bike

Many of us initially purchase a second hand bike in a bid to save money. At times this can prove not to be so cost effective. Many of the parts are likely to need replacing at some point and are often hard to get hold of as they are quite outdated. Here is a guide to buying your first road bike.

A Bike Computer

A bike computer is great for so many reasons. You can log your rides and share to Strava,

It is great tool in terms of navigation you can follow a route and it will act as a sat nav and tell you where to go.

It can be a great training tool, in terms of knowing how much effort you are putting in and to review your training afterwards. You can monitor your speed as you ride. By connecting a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor or power meter monitor your heart rate, cadence and power as you ride.

Bike computers vary in price. I would recommend the Garmin 520 upwards as some of the basic models may limit you in the future in terms of the features they offer. Wahoo are also another great brand and both options would serve you well.

Training Tools

Further to you bike computer you can connect other training tools such as:

  • A heart rate monitor. This can even be as a watch or preferably a strap you wear around your chest. It is useful when you want train with specific heart rate zones.

  • A cadence sensor. You can measure the speed of your cadence. Here a guide on cadence

  • Power meter. A power meter is the most effective training tool. Similar to using an indoor trainer you can track your power and train in a similar way outdoors.

Unless you are following a structured training plan or you have someone to interpret the data for you. Don't feel you need to rush out and buy a power meter or any training tools.

Bike Luggage

One of the biggest mistake that many of us make when we start cycling is feel that we need to take so much with us. Unless you are going on a multi day trip all you need is a small saddle bag to carry a couple of inner tubes, tyre levers and a multi tool. Your cycling jersey is perfectly designed to carry you phone, snacks and small items. In addition make sure you have 2 bottle cages to carry you water. On cooler days you can also use one of your bidons for storage.

A Coach

Investing in a coach can be a great way not only to ensure that you get out on your bike on a regular basis, but also that you make the most of the time on your bike. You can see progress as you go up hills faster and move up groups in your cycling club. Have a look HERE how we have helped cyclists like you.

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