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What are the best Apps for Cycling?

Updated: May 6

With cycling ever growing in popularity so has the technology we are using. There are so many apps available, they all have quite different purposes. It can be quite confusing which one to use. So here is my recommendations and what benefits they can provide for your cycling. 


Strava is probably the best know app out there. I would say that it is the social media app of the cycling community. You may have heard the phrase “if it’s not on Strava it did not happen”. You can use Strava either with your phone or on your bike computer to track you rise and upload to your app. It’s useful for logging your routes, seeing your times on segments, completing challenges. You can also shares your photos and see what all your friends have been up to. There is a free version on Strava and also a subscription where you can plan routes and see full leaderboards. 


Zwift can provide a solution to being sociable when you are riding indoors. It can be only be used on an indoor trainer. It makes cycling indoors more motivation. You have different levels where you can upgrade your kit and bikes. If only getting a new bike in the real world was so simple! You can create meet-ups with friends and there are races and events going on all throughout the day and night! You can sync your zwift account to strava so you can get extra kudos. 

Trainer Road

Trainer road is another app designed to be used on an indoor trainer. It’s a little less interactive, but if you want to follow a program and have some structured training then this is a great app. 

Ride with GPS

With Strava now charging you to use their routing facility. Ride with GPS is a great option. You can plot and save routes, share them with friends. If you have a bike computer you can upload it. You can also share it with friends. You can also use the app on your phone to follow the route if you don’t have a bike computer. 

Wahoo Fitness

This is a great training app that you can use on your phone if you don’t have bike computer. It is useful if you are doing heart rate based training with the use of a heart rate strap. You can mount your phone to your bike and see the figures as you ride. 

Training Peaks

If you are not interested in looking at data, then Training Peaks is not for you. But if you like training with power and are following a training program and looking at the progress you are making. If you have a coach they will possibly use Training Peaks to upload your training and review your progress. 

So there is an overview of some of the apps around. If you are cycling outdoors start with Strava. If you want motivation with cycling indoors use Zwift. If you are confused by it all, don’t worry and just get out on your bike! 

If you would like help with improving your fitness on the bike, book a free intro. Online intro. Session to tell me about your goals.

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