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What is Nutrition Coaching?

At Girls Get Strong Cycling, we take a mindful approach to nutrition coaching. We help you gain more control of your eating habits and become more mindful of the consequences of what you put in your mouth. As a result you feel great on and off the bike and you feel confident with your body.

What we DON'T Do:

  • We don't give you a set diet and tell you exactly what to eat. We know you will struggle to stick to it.

  • We don't expect you to follow fad diets and drop weight to the extent that you feel awful and it's detrimental to you health. We know that statistics show that people that follow fad diets end up putting it back on.

  • We don't set you unrealistic goals and tell you how you should look.

  • We don't make food the enemy.

What we DO help you with:

  • Firstly we will find out what are your personal goals and what you want to feel like through better nutrition and also what your desired weight will be. We can guide you on what is healthy.

  • We will go through your current eating habits and immediately identify where you can do to take action to make changes.

  • You will log your food and meet weekly with your coach to discuss what went well and what impacted on the result for the week.

  • We don't expect you to get it perfect right away. It's a process of problem solving. We believe nutrition is as much as a mental challenge, were you will work with your coach to identify what is causing you to make bad decisions for your diet.

  • We will help you understand what is in the food you are eating and what food is your friend.

  • We help you set a meal plan that is going to fit into your lifestyle, family and training schedule, with the food you love.

  • We set you actionable steps each week that are personal to you and your goals.

  • We help you feel great with more energy and passion for life and give you the confidence to love your body.

To talk with me about your cycling and nutrition goals. Book a Free Discovery Call.

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