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What Nature Does For Me!

As a cyclist I really appreciate the outdoors. I am sure that I am not alone in feeling refreshed, calmer and energised after being out on my bike in nature. But what is it that makes us feel this way.

It helps us let go!

One of the problems with us as humans in that we tend to have an urge to control situations, which at times can be destructive and exhausting. Look at nature, things grow with no or little intervention. We can only tame nature to a certain degree and we accept it for what it is.

It helps us see things as new

If you do the same route over and over again. It never really is the same. The colours will be different through the year, the smells will change and the air will feel different. Every day is a new day. Remind yourself that you are a new person each day and you can forget the anxieties of yesterday.

If we nurture something creation can take place

Some things can grow through anything, but with the correct nurturing and intent beautiful things can grow. Remember to nurture yourself with correct practices and you can grow into something magnificent also.

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