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What's the Weather Like in Mallorca in January?

I get asked this question a lot. Often when you think of Mallorca you think of a hot Spanish summer sat on the beach. Mallorca is generally popular with cyclist at either end of summer, in April-May and September-October, when it's warm, but to too unbearably hot for cycling.

But what has January got to offer? January can be a bit colder, it can often get a little below freezing at night, but come mid morning the island warms up with the glow of the glorious sunshine. From the 5 years I have lived in Mallorca, I often had years where it's over 20 degrees and I'll be wiping-off my leg warmers. There is less generally chance of rain in January compared to April and November.

These are photos of our camps in January and February 2022. It's such a magical time of year.

So what are the roads like? In comparison to any time of year the roads of very quiet, you won't get the fluffy of hire cars ambling around the roads, you won't be caught out by the coach trips as you are descending the mountains. What you will find on the roads in the local cyclists and you may even see some of the pro teams on their training camps.

For me January is a magical time to cycle in Mallorca, it is very calming and probably one of my favourite time of year as a cyclist. I'm from England and I always know the weather is so much better in Mallorca than many places in the world.

Our next Cycling Camp is 21st - 28th January 2023. Come and experience cycling in Mallorca in January for yourself.

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