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What Time is the Best to Train?

Do you want to know the best time you can train to get the best results?

The answer is that there is no definitive answer. A lot can depend on your schedule and when you find you have the most energy.

My advice is train at a time that you think that you will most likely stick to it.

Here are some things to consider when training in the morning:


  • If you can get up in the morning it is easier to commit to

  • You can quite safely escape the heat

  • If you get up early enough you can miss out on the morning traffic (if you train indoors you won't have this to worry about).

  • It will increase your alertness for the day

  • If you have trouble focusing for the day a morning workout can improve attention, visual learning and decision making

  • Physical activity will improve your mood for the day

  • It can help you sleep better

  • It can help with weight loss as you can get a workout in before breakfast.


  • If you just hate getting up early and struggle to stick with the routine then it's not going to benefit you.

  • You may need to sacrifice your sleep by waking up early, so ensure you are getting an early night.

Here are some things to consider when training in the morning:


  • Your muscles will already we warmed up

  • It can help you destress after a long day at work

  • It will also help you sleep better.

  • You will generally have more strength and endurance

  • It can stop you from going out drinking and you can be sociable through exercise instead


  • It maybe difficult to sleep straight away

  • You have the whole day to talk yourself out of exercising.

You can see there are benefits to training any time of the day. My advise would be realistic and find the best time for you.

When do you feel more focused?

When do you find exercise makes you less stressed?

If you struggle with early mornings trying to stick to a 7am bike ride is going to make things difficult to yourself. Likewise, if by the end of the day you are often zapped of energy, maybe make the time in the morning.

It may take some time to experiment with what works best for you. But whatever you do, don't give up!

Share in the comments, what time do you prefer to go cycling?

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