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Don't Cycle On Icy Roads

Updated: May 6

As cyclist we are tough, we will go out in the, cold, rain and wind to get time outdoors on our bikes, where it tests us both physically and mentally.

If the roads are icy do not go out on your bike!!!!

However tough you are riding through the seasons, riding on icy roads brings on a huge amount of risk in that you can slip and fall causing injury to yourself and damage to your bike.

Even if the majority of roads seem to have thawed out there are sometimes patches of black ice that do not see any sunlight.

What to do when you can't ride

We all know the frustrations of not being able to cycle, the outdoors is great for our mental health, we don't want to miss out on our fitness gains and the time we can spend cycling with friends. Here are some options to help you.

  • Get a turbo trainer. The online training community is becoming even more popular and you are guaranteed to get your training in, provided you can motivate yourself to use it. If you are looking to buy a trainer be quick as trainers are selling out at the moment. Wahoo are a great brand with easy to use software

  • Go for a walk or run outdoors. If you are in need of some time outdoors switch to running or walking.

  • Take the time for some stretching or strength training. Use the time to put some good habits to practice. As cyclists, many of us tend to neglect stretching, but it is very important.

  • Take a rest day. If you have been training hard, don't feel guilty if you body is crying out for some rest. Put your feet up on the sofa and take some down time.

To talk with me about your cycling goals and how to adapt your training to your life Book a Free Discovery Call

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