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What You Need to Keep You Cycling Through the Winter

We all know that if you want to be the best cyclist you can be, you can't skip the winter.

Here's an essential kit list to keep you getting outdoors on the bike.

  • Winter tights - get a nice pair of winter padded shorts to keep you warm, they can feel a little restrictive to begin with, but

  • Shoe covers - your extremities are going to feel the cold most, so shoes covers will help keep some warmth to your feet during the winter.

  • Base layers - layering is important, so even a few base layers to keep your core warm will make a difference

  • A good winter jacket is a great investment to keep you pedalling through the seasons.

  • A good pair of gloves - gloves come in all different thickness to help with the different weather conditions, so select the right gloves for your needs.

Having a coach throughout the winter is a great way to give you the accountability to help you work towards your winter goals NOW!

...and if you want a bit of winter sunshine join us at one of our cycling camps in Mallorca

Book a Discovery Call to find out about our camps or online coaching

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