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What You Should Do When You Get Home From a Ride

If you are anything like me you are more than tempted to come through the door, dump your bike and sit on the sofa. But, it's always good to work on our healthy habits to look after yourself and your bike.

Follow these processes to help maintain yourself and your bike.

  • Before you get to the door adjust your gears to put the chain at the front to the smallest ring and on the cassette at the back put it in the smallest cog. This will help with the life of your chain.

  • Get out of your cycling kit. To keep it in good condition, either put it in the wash straight away or let it air out before putting it in the washing basket.

  • Eat something right away. A protein shake or peanut butter on toast are great options. Then aim to each a meal within 2 hours of returning from your ride to help replenish the energy you lost and aid your recovery.

  • Your bike gives you many great experiences so make sure you look after it. If your bike is dirty give it a clean right away. If you have a garden then it’s easier as you can use a hose. If you don’t you do have a shower as an option. Once you have sprayed it down with water, spray some degreaser on the chain, give it a few minutes and spray again with water and wash all dirt off your bike and chain. Dry your bike and finish my oiling your chain with some bike oil.

  • Use a foam roller and perform stretches. This does not have to be done right after your ride. But you should aim to stretch at least 2 times a week, so work out when it can be best fitted into your schedule. You will feel more comfortable on your bike from being more flexible.

Share in the comments what you do when you get home from a ride.

If you would like the support of a coach to help you with cycling book a free discovery call.

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