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When You Lose Your Cycling Mojo!

At times we all struggle with motivation. Pro's do and so does even the most passionate cyclist. There are many reasons we can feel unmotivated at times. Here are some possible reasons and solutions to get back your flow.

1. Overtraining

Overtraining is just when you have been cycling too much, you are not taking rest days or you have just completed too many challenging days on the bike in a short period of time. The best remedy is to ensure that you take regular rest days, when you just relax. If you are doing lots of events, that's ok, just make sure that you have some weeks where you do little to let yourself recover.

2. You are doing the same training

Routine is good, but if you end up doing the same training, you can get bored. Your body gets bored and stops making progress and you can loose motivation. If you can't think of what to do, get a coach and follow a periodised plan.

3. You are cycling alone

As women it is quite common that we end up cycling alone. This can again become boring. If we learned anything from the covid restrictions is that we need human company. It may feel daunting to ride with others or just that we don't feel like we have the time to adjust to other people schedules. Have a look around for local groups and connect with your cycling buddies.

4. You don't have any goals set

Not having goals is a real de-motivator. Enter an event, book a holiday but have something to work towards that takes some preparation and scares you a little. Not only will you enjoy the journey and anticipation you invest in getting there, but you will feel great once you achieve it.

Remember, just because you are going through a cycling slump does not mean that you need to give up and no longer call yourself a cyclist. It might just mean that you need to dig deeper and change how you do things until it starts flowing again.

With our online cycle coaching you will always be working with your coach to set new challenges. Book a call to talk with one of our team about how you can be the cyclist you want to be.

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