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Who is Best to Train With?

The simple answer is everyone, but this could be quite an exhausting task if done without thinking of the purpose. Consider different training partners to discover different aspects of your training.

Train with riders that are faster than you

If you train with riders faster than you it will give you the motivation to push yourself harder to ride faster yourself. No one wants to be left at the back. What is great about being a female cyclist is that men are generally faster so we are never stuck with others to ride with. Training with this good is good, but if you are riding with faster riders all the time it's not going to be great for your confidence, you will also become overtrained.

Train with riders who are more experienced than you

Don't let this group confused with riders faster than you. Just because someone is faster than you does not mean they have more experience. In my experience men will be faster, but don't always know more than me. So use these riders to help you with technique such as descending and climbing, good road to train on and the lessons they learned as a cyclist.

Train with riders who are of similar ability to you

It's great to have a group of friends that you can go out riding with and see it as a social occasion. Also, if you have a competitive side you can have a fair competition up the hills between each other.

Train with riders where you are more experienced

This is going to be great to boost your confidence as a cyclist. I'm sure you remember being a beginner and you can reflect on how far you have come. You can give something back by helping others.

Ride Alone

This is also a very important one that also cyclists should do regularly. You can focus on your own goals and train what is best for you. You can tap into your external environment and connect with your energy levels. You will also learn the skill of pushing yourself free from any external influences.

Share in the comments, who do you like to train with?

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