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Why am I Less Motivated in the Winter?

Updated: May 6

If you are feeling less motivated to get your bike during the winter months then you are not alone.

External factors that can curb our motivation are:-

  • Less hours of day light

  • The bad weather

  • Lack of sunlight

  • The uncertainty of what to wear

These external factors can leave us feeling:-

  • In need of more sleep

  • Low on energy

  • Adjusting our biological clock

  • Paralysed by choice of what to wear on a ride or if you should ride indoor or outdoors.

If you are getting into a regular rhythm of cycling that is a huge achievement! Anything is a win in winter if it does not mean you have given up already.

To help get you out on your bike and not give up for the winter, be mindful of how the winter weather affects you. Get extra sleep if you need it, experiment with clothing choices and focus on how great you feel out on your bike.

If the winter and life if making you feel depressed the best remedy is to get outdoors on your bike!

Everyone response to the winter months is different and if you feel great cycling through the winter.... just roll with it.

Share in the comments, how motivated are you to cycle right now?

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